Hey there, we’re back again with another weekly roundup. Each week I cover the things that have changed here on the site. So let’s get into it.

New Content

We posted a couple new articles this week. Both were state guides:

Both of these guides cover who provides internet service in these states, where you can find 3G mobile coverage and what types of connections the top colleges in the state provide their students. Our state guides are easily the most thorough guides that you’ll find online.

Next up we have North Carolina and Virginia. Be on the lookout for those next week.

Plugged In — The Plug Things In Blog

Here are the new blog posts on the site:

Our Articles on Other Sites

We’ve also written some useful articles for other sites. The article that you will probably find the most useful is called, How You’re Spending Too Much on Internet Services, which covers 7 different things people do that cost them extra money each month on their internet service. You can find the post on High Speed Internet Providers.

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week we’ll have the two state guides mentioned above.