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Welcome to our internet section at Plug Things In. Our goal is to explain to you how internet connections work, the types of connections to choose from and the best connection(s) for your particular situation.

In addition to internet connections and service providers, we have content that helps you use the internet too, such as how to protect your children online or how to use Facebook. We even have a short tablet buyers guide to help you choose the right tablet pc.

To get started we suggest you choose from one of our sections below. Each section will have more in-depth articles and guides to help you get plugged into the internet.

Quick Start Guide

Our quick start guide is designed to help you find internet service based on a specific need, location or technology -- and fast. We explain everything in detail and show you the best internet connection for your specific needs. If you want internet now, and don't want to browse through tons of pages, this is the section for you. Read more...

Internet Library

This section of our site contains all of our articles related to internet, internet connections and service providers. Visit this page if you want to know more than the average person about how internet connections work. Read more...

Compare Internet Service Providers

If you already know what type of internet connection and service you want, then visit this page to compare providers to see who fits your needs best. Also on this page you can learn more about how we compare internet service providers. Read more...