Alaska Internet Guide

On this page we have some information on how to get internet service in the state of Alaska. Below we cover who provides internet service in Alaska, where you can find 3G mobile coverage and the internet coverage that the top colleges in the state provide their students.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Alaska

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

Below are two ISPs that are local to Alaska. These ISPs provide service to residential areas.

  • Matanuska Telephone Association: Matanuska offers different internet packages but they vary depending on your residential needs. They have 512 Kbps, 2 Mbps, 5 Mbps, and 10 Mbps download speeds. In order to know more about pricing and availability, you can call them at 800-478-3211.
  • GCI Communications: GCI’s internet plans start at a package rate of $29.99 with a download speed of 10 Mbps. Midrange plan has a package rate of $59.99 with a download speed of 15 Mbps. Their highest package rate is $109.99 with a download speed of 22 Mbps. Contact them at 800-800-4800.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

And these 2 service providers are also local to Alaska, but they focus service to businesses.

  • Alaska Communications: Alaska Communications internet speeds vary depending on your business needs. The most basic that they have is the 512 Kbps download for a price of $59/month. Middle range  is 4 Mbps for a price of $109/month. The highest download speed is 15 Mbps for a price of $159/month. Call them at 800-808-8083 as network speeds and availability can vary by location.
  • TelAlaska: TelAlaska Networks provides a wide range of higher speed Internet services for their business clients. Prices, however, are not stated on their website; but you can contact them for a quote at 800-478-3127.

Alaska Internet Connections and Coverage

In this section we cover the internet speeds that you can expect in Alaska, as well as the 3G mobile coverage available in the state.

In regards to speed, Alaska’s average speed is 5.45 Mbps. This is much slower than the national average of 12.55 Mbps, and is the slowest state overall.

The 5 cities with fastest internet speed in Alaska are:

  • Wasilla – 7.84 Mbps
  • Eagle River – 6.59 Mbps
  • North Pole – 6.30 Mbps
  • Anchorage – 5.82 Mbps
  • Homer – 5.29 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in Alaska are:

  • GCI Communications – 10.45 Mbps
  • MTA Solutions – 4.17 Mbps
  • AT&T – 3.94 Mbps
  • Alaska Communications – 3.14 Mbps
  • Alaska Fiberstar – 3.09 Mbps

Keep in mind that this information can change at any time. For the most current information you can check out the Alaska page at

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for Alaska

Based on the geographical location and the climate of Alaska, it’s difficult to get mobile 3G coverage in this state. Verizon and Clear have little to zero mobile signal. AT&T has some coverage, but it’s only limited to major cities such as Juneau and Anchorage.

Top Colleges in Alaska & Their Internet Access

In this section you’ll find the top colleges in the state of Alaska, and the internet coverage that they provide to their students.

University of Alaska – Fairbanks

The university offers two networks throughout campus to keep you connected. UAlaska offers a quick and easy login for current students, faculty, and staff as well as non-affiliated guests. Eduroam offers a more permanent and secure platform for long-term connections around UAF campuses, as well as at over 2,000 eduroam partner institutions worldwide. Eduroam is the recommended network for all academic and administrative purposes.

University of Alaska Anchorage

Wireless internet access is available at all UAA campuses. There are three SSIDs:

UAA WiFi – Public – Anyone can use this network for basic internet access.

UAA WiFi – Full Access – Students, staff, and faculty can use this unrestricted wireless network to connect to the internet and UAA resources. You must sign in with your username and password the first time you use the web

UAA WiFi – VPN – This special hidden network is for UAA employees to have unrestricted access without logging into a web page. Employees must connect their VPN and connecting to this network. This network is useful for employee laptops.

University of Alaska Southeast

You can access the network from anywhere on campus using the UAS wireless intranet. All of their classroom buildings, cafeteria, housing, and the library have wireless connectivity which is Wi-Fi (802.11b) compliant. Normally, you should be able to detect their network automatically. If not, you can stop by the Whitehead Building Computer Lab for further assistance.

Ilisagvik College

Students may obtain access to the Internet by filling out a User Account Request Form and submitting it to the registration office.

Free Internet Access Spots in Alaska

Lodges & inns, restaurants, delis and cafes are places in Alaska where you can get free WiFi connection. These are common areas where you can drop by to get free internet. Other places include:

  • Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost in Chicken
  • Alyeska Seafoods in Dutch Harbor
  • Laundromall in Girdwood
  • Centennial Hall in Juneau
  • K2 Aviation in Takeetna

Please keep in mind that this is far from a complete list. It’s just a shortlist to give you an idea of where you can go, or where to start looking, for free wi-fi hotspots in Alaska.