How Are Home Security Systems Installed?

Getting a home security system installed for your home can be one of the best things you can do for the protection of your family, as well as your belongings. You have a number of options when it comes to installing the systems.

You can do it on your own with a wide range of different kits and systems. You could hire the professionals to do it for you instead.

However, you probably have quite a few questions regarding the installation of the system and what you can expect, whether you perform it or you hire someone to do it. We’ll try to answer as many of those questions as possible here.

Wired or Wireless?

One of the first things you have to ask yourself when you are getting a home security system is just what type of system you are going to get.

There are many different types. Some are massive systems that include the creation of a panic room for those who are looking for the ultimate high-end protection. Most are quite a bit simpler and cheaper.

You can generally categorize the systems into two categories – wired and wireless.

The wireless systems, which are gaining popularity, are very easy to install. Many people get these systems and install them on their own. They might then choose to have a monitoring company watch over the system.

The wired systems are a bit more complicated, and that’s the main focus of this article.

Will There Be Holes in the Siding or Sheet Rock?

If you are going to be getting a wired system, there will be drilling in most cases. If your home is not already set up for this type of system, you or the installer will need to add the holes.

They are needed for wires, the security control panel, new locks, cameras, and more. The number of holes that need to be drilled, and the location of the holes, will naturally depend on the type of kit that you choose.

If you have an extensive system and a large house, it’s going to be a bigger job, naturally. This means more holes in the home.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. If you are getting a high quality home security system put into your home, it is going to keep you safe.

When you have the professionals take care of the installation for you, they will make sure that everything is set up properly, that the holes are as minimal as possible, and that you will not have to worry about the elements doing any damage to your home in the future.

If you are installing a wired system on your own, you need to take precautions with this though. You will want to plan each of the holes before you drill, just to make sure you are in the right location. You also want to use the smallest bit possible to still have a hole that’s the right diameter.

Follow the instructions, and you should not have any issues.

If you believe that the holes are a problem and that they could allow water or other elements into the home, speak with a contractor. They can help you with the holes. They can also make sure that you don’t have to compromise security for aesthetics.

Does It Affect the Home Value?

Home value is a major concern. Will installing a wired system for security negatively affect their home value or not?

Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a problem. In fact, even if you were to take the system with you when you leave, most of the new buyers will appreciate the fact that the hard work has already been done for them.

You might even want to leave the system and just disconnect the monitoring. Buyers like the idea of getting into a property that is secure. If they have a system ready to go, or the holes predrilled for the wiring, it can add some value to your property.

If they decide that they don’t want the system, it’s a relatively simple and quick job to remove it and patch the small holes that it has made. Security is always a good thing.

Do You Need to Be There?

The answer to this question can vary based on the company that you choose. Most of the time, the installers will want you to be home. In fact, even if it is not required, it’s a good idea for you to be there for several reasons.

First, you know the layout of your home and where you would ideally want things placed. The installers don’t.

Second, you do not want to have people you don’t know traipsing through your house. The security companies tend to hire respectable and trustworthy employees. It’s still strange to have someone else in your home while you are not there.

One of the most important reasons to make sure you are there for the installation is so you can learn how to use your system properly.

The installers will explain how everything works. They tell you how to use the components. They explain how to turn it on and off. They can answer all of your questions,

When you are setting up your appointment for the installation, make sure that the company gives you a solid timeframe for their arrival. You don’t want to waste most of your day waiting for them to get there.

This doesn’t mean you need to be hovering over their shoulder while they are installing the system. You can be in the house, sitting outside in the garden, or reading a book in your room if you choose.

They will let you know if there are any questions, and they’ll tell you when they’ve finished.

Do You Have Options on Where Items and Equipment Are Installed?

This is generally going to depend on the layout of the home and the type of system that you are installing.

If you have a wireless system, you will often have more control over the placement of different elements of the system. This is because you don’t have to worry about running wires from Point A to Point B.

However, you will have fewer options with the wired versions. The installers have to work with the layout and space that you have.

You may still have some say on certain aspects of the system, and this is something you will want to talk about with the installation company before they begin.

The company, and the installers they hire, know and understand how to install these systems. They can install them in many different types of homes.

They will provide you with the best advice for your space. You will find that even when you speak with different companies, the answers are generally going to be very similar when it comes to just how they can set up your system.

How Do You Connect It to a Monitoring Service?

If you want to have a monitoring service in charge of watching over your home, you have a couple of choices.

You can buy and install a system, and then contact a monitoring company that can connect to the system. They may need to send out a technician to your home, although some may be able to do this remotely.

Most people tend to choose a company that can do both the install and take care of the monitoring. It tends to be the easiest solution.

This way, as soon as the system is installed in their home, the monitoring will begin. The companies will be able to alert you and the authorities if there are any issues with the home.

When you are choosing a company for monitoring, you will want to make sure you understand exactly what they will monitor.

Some will monitor only for intrusions. Other systems will allow the companies to monitor for other dangers in your home, such as fire or carbon monoxide.

How Long Does It Take?

Another common question that customers ask when it comes to their home security system is just how long it will take to install. They want to have their system up and running quickly.  They want to enjoy some peace of mind.

They don’t want to spend a long time waiting around the house for the installers to finish either. People have places to go and things to do.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer for this question.

Since homes differ in size and layout, and because there are so many different systems, the amount of time it takes can vary greatly. Even a complex wireless system can be set up in very little time. A wired system that requires drilling, even if it is a small home and simple job, can take much longer.

When you speak with the installation company about getting your quote and setting up an appointment, they can provide you with an estimate of how long it will take.

However, keep in mind that this is only an estimate. There could be a number of other factors that could add to the amount of time it takes. On the other hand, the installers might be in and out sooner than you expect.

Get the Scoop from the Installation Company You Choose

There are a number of variables when it comes to home security companies, systems, and home layouts.

You should talk with your chosen installation company to learn as much as possible before they begin. Write down any questions that you might have for the company and make sure they can answer them to your satisfaction.