“Project Dayview is another example of how we’re leveraging our platform and converged phone, Internet and video services to deliver rich, personal experiences for our customers across all screens.”

Project Dayview: sounds like a name for a mission or a top secret project, doesn’t it?

Sadly, it’s not a name for either.

All kidding aside, Project Dayview is the name Comcast has given to it’s new service.

This new service, which sounds very similar to AT&T’s Digital Life, provides Xfinity customers with a way to access information that is important to them using their information from their TV, Voice, Internet and Home services. This information will initially be accessible through your TV, and eventually through your other devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops — anywhere you can access Comcast related products and apps.

An example of the information you might receive might be something like the weather, traffic reports or breaking news, or updates from your social media accounts. From the sounds of it, this information is delivered during the right times of the day. In other words, you’ll receive afternoon rush hour traffic info in the afternoon or nighttime TV shows in the afternoon before they start. That sounds handy to me.

Other examples of information that you could receive include: appointment information, texts, voicemails and DVR info.

The new Project Dayview is being demonstrated at The Cable Show 2012 in Boston this week. And you can expect to see Project Dayview starting sometime later this year.

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