Wisconsin Internet Guide

If you’re live or plan on living in Wisconsin and need internet access, then this is the page for you. What you’ll find below are details about the service providers in Wisconsin, where you can get 3G coverage, the internet access the top colleges in the state provide their students and where to find free wi-fi hotspots.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Wisconsin

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

Below are 3 ISPs that are local to Wisconsin. These providers focus on residential services.

  • Lakefield Communications: Lakefield has high speed packages that start as low as $19.95/month. Call 920-553-2211 for more information. and to check if yorur area is serviceable.
  • Marquette-Adams: Marquette-Adams high speed internet include a $24.95/month with download speed of up to 768 Kbps, $34.95/month with 1 Mbps, $39.95/month with up to 5 Mbps, and $59.95/month with up to 20 Mbps. Call their phone at 608-586-4111 for more details.
  • Packerland Broadband: Packerland Broadband provides High Speed Internet with download speeds of 5, 10 or 15 Mbps. To know if internet is serviceabile in your area as well as to get a price quote, call them at 800-236-8434.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

These three providers are also local to Wisconsin, but they focus on providing businesses with internet connections.

  • NetwurX: NetwurX’s Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service provides high-speed connections to the Internet over regular phone lines. This is a cost effective solution for the medium and small companies in need of faster speeds. To gSpeeds available from 384Kbps to 6 Mbps. Contact them for more information and a quote on speeds higher than 6megs at 800 (638-9879).
  • West Wisconsin Telcom: West Wisconsin Telcom & 24-7 Telcom has been a valued partner with local businesses for more than 50 years, providing a full range of cutting-edge telecommunications services from the latest in business telephone systems to the fastest in data connections and High Speed Internet access. To get a price quotation for your business, you can contact them at 888-247-2035.
  • e-vergent: e-vergent provides microwave based internet connections in the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor. Their product can be used as an alternative to fiber optics, which is especially beneficial to businesses in rural areas or where the cost of installing fiber optics are prohibitive. You can contact them at 888-782-1454

Wisconsin Internet Connections and Coverage

In this section you’ll find information about the internet speeds in Wisconsin, as well as the 3G coverage.

In regards to the speed, Wisconsin’s average internet speed is 14.28 Mbps which is slightly faster than the national average of 12.55 Mbps.

The 5 cities with fastest internet speed in Wisconsin are:

  • La Crosse – 25.05 Mbps
  • Ashland – 24.29 Mbps
  • Baraboo – 24.23 Mbps
  • Onalaska – 23.98 Mbps
  • Lake Mills – 23.51 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in Wisconsin are:

  • Lakefield Communications – 28.52 Mbps
  • Charter Communications – 21.64 Mbps
  • Comcast – 18.38 Mbps
  • Road Runner – 16.30 Mbps
  • Mediacom – 16.01 Mbps

Keep in mind that these numbers change regularly. For the most up to date information, check out the Wisconsin page at NetIndex.com.

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to a wide variety of geographical features. In the middle of the state is where the central plain is located which has some unique sandstone formations. On the north is where some lakes and forests are also situated. These are places that have little to no mobile coverage.

Clear: Clear’s mobile internet coverage is limited to key cities such as Appleton, Madison, Janesville, etc. They don’t have much in the way of signal in other areas.

AT&T: AT&T’s signals are good in some areas. The middle part and the northern areas don’t have much mobile coverage and these are mostly due to forests and lakes in the area.

Verizon: Wisconsin has mobile coverage from Wisconsin. Only some areas in the west and mostly in the north don’t have 3G due to massive forests and lakes.

Top 5 Colleges in Wisconsin & Their Internet Access

If you’re going to school in Wisconsin, then this section is for you. What you’ll find below are the top 5 colleges in Wisconsin, the internet access they provide students and how to get it.

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Wireless access is available in most campus public spaces including buildings off the main Kenwood campus. Wireless service is not available in residence hall rooms. Each student living in a residence hall is provided with a port requiring an ethernet cable to access the campus network and Internet.

There are two wireless services on campus – PROWLnet and UWM WiFi.

To access PROWLnet, you need to enter your ePantherID and password when prompted. UWM WiFi is another wireless network advised to UWM students for a secure and reliable internet connectivity.

Marquette University

Marquette University provides a secured wireless network for students, faculty and staff to gain Internet access for wireless laptops and other devices.

All Marquette faculty and staff should be using the MU_Admin wireless connection NOT the MU_Wireless. The MU_Admin wireless connection secures all data and information that travels through the wireless network, the MU_Wireless connection does not.

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

UW-Whitewater offers free access to its extensive wireless network to all students, faculty and staff with a valid Net-ID. Wireless network access is available in all of the major academic and administrative buildings, as well as outdoor areas on campus.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

UW – La Crosse has recently converted to a new wireless setup on campus. They have readily available access for anyone through ‘UWLopen’. A more secure connection can be used by connecting to ‘UWLsecure’.

Lawrence University

LU provides secure wireless access to the campus data network throughout the campus. LUwireless is the network is for student devices and Lawrence-owned computers. LUfacstaffpersonal is the network intended for faculty and staff who wish to use their own personal devices on the wireless network. LUguest is use for authorized guests.

Free Internet Access Spots in Wisconsin

Cafés, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, and hotels are common places where you can get free Wi Fi access in Wisconsin. There are other places where you can connect wirelessly. These are at:

  • Apple Spice Junction in De Pere
  • Dodgeville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Coachman’s Golf Resort in Edgerton
  • Barriques Market in Fitchburg
  • Francis Creek Travel Plaza in Francis Creek

Keep in mind that this is far from a complete list of free wi-fi hotspots in Wisconsin, but rather a shortlist to give you an idea of where to look in your area.