Washington State Internet Information

There is plenty of Washington State internet service providers, plans and options. So if you’re looking to move to Washington, or you already live in Washington and you want to switch providers, it shouldn’t be a difficult task to complete at all.

On this page you’ll find information about what providers are in WA State, the types of connections and coverage you can expect to find.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Washington State

Smaller and/or Independent Internet Providers in Washington State

These are the “littler guys” providing service in WA state, with some additional information:

  • Star Touch – Star Touch – Offers WiMax service. Speeds/Rates: Several plans starting at 5/2Mbps, 200 Gigs Data, $59.99/month w/$149 setup (3 year contract). Up to 20 Mbps/10 Mbps, 500 Gigs, $219/month w/$149 setup. 25 Mbps available by request. 1 year contracts available at higher rates. The service area is mostly in eastern and northwestern Washington..
  • LocalTel – I’m awaiting confirmation, but they look like they’re a reseller for Verizon. So they will primarily deal with fiber optic internet. They service the Chelan, Douglas and Grant counties. Speeds/Rates:  dial up at $21, DSL at $35 (1.5Mb), fiber at $37 (25Mbps).
  • NW Nexus / NuOz – Located in Bellevue. Basic package is DSL at speeds of 256Kbps for $15, fastest package is 7/1Mbps ADSL for $45.

More internet service providers for Washington state can be found via the Best Business Bureau.

Small Business ISPs

  • NoaNet – Star Touch has provided broadband services in northwestern Washington using wireless technologies since 1998. Speeds up to 100 Mbps and can handle up to 800 GB/month.
  • NoaNet – NoaNet is a large company that provides internet access to small businesses, as well as internet service providers. Designed to handle 10MB to 10GB.

Internet Connections and Coverage for Washingtonians

All internet connection types are available in Washington State. There are many rural areas where connection options will be limited, namely any area around the mountains and/or any area that is not off of the main highways, such as I-5 or I-84.

That’s how mobile internet coverage will work, too. Clear Wireless will work ok up/down I-5, Verizon has coverage around I-5, the Olympic Peninsula and the larger cities in eastern Washington and AT&T is the same minus the Olympic Peninsula. Nearly all providers are hit and miss near the Washington/Canadian border.

Washington State Internet Speed Averages

According to NetIndex.com, Washington State has one of the fastest average internet speeds. The average is 15.18 Mbps, putting us in 6th place behind the likes of New Jersey, South Dakota, New York, Rhode Island and North Dakota. Washington has the fastest internet speeds on the west coast. And our average is 3Mbps faster than the entire USA’s average.

The 5 fastest internet connections in Washington State include:

  • Ephrata – 71.54
  • Vashon – 20.85
  • North Bend – 20.57
  • Woodland (20 minutes north of Vancouver) – 20.23
  • Maple Valley – 19.63

What is interesting about the data is that many of the smaller cities outrank the larger neighboring cities.

Recommended Connection Types for WA State

Cable internet is a good option. If you’re on the go mobile (3G) internet is “ok.” As I previously mentioned, coverage is good near major highways and cities, but is hit or miss everywhere else.

Seattle Cable Customer Bill of Rights

Seattle (Washington) has a bill by the name of Cable Customer Bill of Rights. This bill looks out for the best interest of the cable (internet) consumer, awarding them with credits or free service if they were wronged in some way. Here are a few examples to show you what I mean:

  • If employees are less than kind or professional, customers are credited with $5.
  • Standard installations must be made within 7 business days. If not, customers are awarded with free installation or a month’s service waived. If the installation was waived as apart of a promotion, then the customer will be awarded with $10.
  • All cable operators shall meet all specifications advertised (speeds, data, etc). Customers will be given one day of free service for every day that the problem goes uncorrected.

For more information on the Cable Customer Bill of Rights: