Utah Internet Service Guide

On this page you’ll find an assortment of information regarding internet service and providers in the state of Utah. So regardless if you’re looking to move here for work or school, or just want to switch providers altogether, we should have the information and advice you’re looking for.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Utah

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

Over the next two sections are details about local internet service providers. The first section covers residential providers for families, and the second second will cover business internet service providers.

  • mFire: mFire has Superior Internet Access for only $19.95 and their Extreme Internet Access costs $22.95. Prices are not quoted on their website as you will have to call them to request for a quotation. Contact them at 866-634-7379.
  • XMission: XMission offers DSL internet that range from 1.5Mbps to 7Mbps depending on line conditions and distance from the telephone central office. Price range of DSL internet starts at $10/month. Contact them at 801-539-0852 to get a quote.
  • Baja Broadband: Baja Broadband offers speeds from 5 MBPS for light Internet users to 100 MBPS. No price is stated on their website but you can contact them at 877-422-5282 for a price quote.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

Here are the ISPs providing service for small businesses:

  • Utah Broadband: Utah Broadband has many internet service plans catering to different types of businesses. They have a Small Office Business Service with 4 to 6 Mbps intended for smaller offices, Commercial Internet Service with 5 to 20 Mbps for those businesses that need higher download speeds, and Enterprise Internet Service from 3 to 20 Mbps for the most demanding businesses. They also have Disaster Recover Service – Gold for those businesses that need backup for non-critical processes at work, and Disaster Recover Service – Platinum for businesses that need high capacity Internet connectivity for their critical processes.Prices are not stated on the website, but you can contact them at 877-822-8824 to request a quotation.
  • Digis: Digis has small business packages that start at 5 Mbps download speed at $59.95/month. Their 10 Mbps costs $119.95/month and the 15 Mbps download speed costs 149.95/month. Their telephone number is 888-344-4788.
  • South Central Communications: South Central Communications offers a business plan at $69.95 per month with download speed of 15Mbps. Call them at 435-826-4211.

Utah Internet Connections and Coverage

What we have listed below are Utah’s stats for how fast their internet is.

Please note that these numbers will change frequently (daily), so if you would like the most current numbers you should check out the Utah page at NetIndex.com.

The United States of America has an average download speed of 12.55 Mbps and Utah’s average speed is 13.77 Mbps. So Utah is clearly above the national average.

The 5 cities with fastest internet speed in Utah are:

  • Syracuse – 30.17 Mbps
  • Sandy – 18.55 Mbps
  • Centerville – 18.51 Mbps
  • Ogden – 18.10 Mbps
  • Clearfield – 18.00 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in Utah are:

  • Westnet– 24.84 Mbps
  • XMission, L.C. – 24.32 Mbps
  • XMission – 18.47 Mbps
  • Comcast – 17.61 Mbps
  • Bresnan Communications – 12.48 Mbps

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage forUtah

Since Utah is composed mostly of mountainous regions in the northeastern part, lakes in the central area, desert on the eastern, and valleys in the southern area, most of the mobile internet coverage will be found in the larger cities.

Here is more specific details about the mobile coverage for Verizon, Clear and AT&T in Utah.

Verizon: Verizon has 3g Mobile coverage except for the western area where a series of valleys known as the Wasatch Front and deserts lie. The southern part doesn’t have coverage as it is mostly made of sandstone due to it being part of the Colorado Plateau region) is sandstone. For the northeastern area, ski resorts are mostly present as they are situated in the mountainous areas. They don’t have coverage here as well.

Clear: Clear Network’s mobile coverage is present only in the major cities such as Ogden, Layton, Salt Lake City, Sandy and Prevo.

AT&T: The same as Verizon, AT&T’s does not cover the areas where it would be difficult to establish signals due to the terrain.

Top 5 Colleges in Utah & Their Internet Access

If you’re planning on attending college in Utah, you’ll want to check to make sure you’ll have internet access. What we have done below is research the top 5 colleges in Utah to see what internet access they provide their students, as well as how to get it.

University of Utah

Campus Wireless Access in the University of Utah can be accessed using the UConnect, a secure network for students, faculty, and staff; and UGuest, an unsecured network for visitors. In addition, the University of Utah is part of the eduroam network, and offers secure wireless access to visitors from other participating institutions. To connect to the network, the user only needs to launch the UConnect Setup Wizard. For help connecting to the wireless network, contact the Campus Help Desk at (801) 581-4000, opt. 1.

Utah Valley State College (UVU)

UVU has three wireless networks to connect online: the UVU-Open network, UVU-Secure network, and UVU-Guest network. For the secure network, a UV ID is needed as all network traffic is encrypted to prevent unauthorized viewing.

Weber State University (WSU)

Webser State University wireless network consists of two SSID’s WSU Secure and WSU Guest. The WSU Secure network allows encrypted access to the Weber State websites and network resources. WSU Secure access is limited to current students and employees of Weber State University with a valid Wildcat Username and Password. The WSU Guest network is for guest access and is limited to internet access only. Access to Weber State resources is very limited from this network. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the WSU Secure network to access Weber State resources.

Utah State University (USU)

The USU campus has 2 networks for both wired and wireless connections which are BlueZoneSecure. The BLUEZONE Wireless Network is for USU faculty, staff and students who use the network on a regular basis. The BLUEZONE-GUEST Wireless Nnetwork is for USU guests while visiting campus.

For the BLUEZONE network, the USU student needs to register their computer and their A-number and login. For the BLUEZONE-GUEST network, a guest still requires a ticket ID to connect. Faculty, staff and registered students may create a ticket ID for their guest(s).

Southern Utah University (SUU)

Southern Utah University’s wireless internet access is available on one of three secure wireless networks. Students should connect to the “SUUstudents” wireless network and faculty/staff should connect to the “SUU” wireless network. Campus guests can use the “suu-conference” wireless network. Your campus host will provide you with the password, or any faculty/staff member can look it up here.

Free Internet Access Spots in Utah

Most free WiFi spots in Utah are in hotels, restaurants, and coffee & fast food shops. Here are other free Wi-Fi spots in the state of Utah.

  • Ruby’s Inn Campground in Bryce
  • Salt Lake Art Center in Salt Lake City
  • City Park in Brigham City
  • Huntington State Park in Huntington
  • Trolley Square in Salt Lake City

Please keep in mind that these are far from an exhaustive list of free internet hotspots in Utah. They’re just a few of the more well-known or popular.