Oklahoma Internet Guide

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about getting internet in Oklahoma state.

More specifically, the information we provide includes who the major internet service providers are, local ISPs, what the 3G coverage looks like, what the top colleges provide students with and a shortlist of hotspots to get free wi-fi access.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Oklahoma

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

What we have below are 2 internet providers that offer service only in the state of Oklahoma (and sometimes surrounding states). These 2 focus on residential.

  • TDS Telecom: TDS Telecom offers different packages depending on your area in Oklahoma. An example is for Oklahoma City in Oklahoma; TDS offers their Lite package for $9.95/month for 6 months at 1 Mbps download speed. Their Express package for . $14.95/month for 1 year has 2–5Mbps download speed. Their Turbo package costs $19.95/month for 1 year with 8–15Mbps download speed. Lastly, their Extreme package costs $34.95 /mo. for 1 year with 18–25Mbps download speed. Visit their site for availability and pricing. Better yet, contact them at 866-571-6662 for details.
  • WildBlue Communications: Wildblue Communications as a 12 Mbps download speed plan called Exede12 Speed and a 5 Mbps download speed plan called Exede5 Speed. To get a price quotation for these plans in your area, you need to call them at (888) 885-5213.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

These 3 ISPs are also local to Oklahoma, and focus on providing businesses with internet service.

  • BTC Broadband: BTC has high speed internet for your business. They have a $24.95/month plan with up to 512Kbps download speed, $46.95/month with up to 6 Mbps and $69.95/month with up to 10 Mbps. To call them, dial their Customer Service and Sales number: (918) 366-8000.
  • Fidelity Communications: Fidelity Communications’ business packages start at 4 Mbps download at $40.00/month. They also have a package of 8 Mbps download speed at $55.00/month, 10 Mbps download at $100.00/month. For 12 Mbps download speed, you need to call them for a price quotation. Contact Fidelity at 580-353-7878.
  • Airlink: AirLink offers business class services to areas of Sapulpa, Mounds, Kellyville, Kiefer and Glenpool. The AirLink high-speed data network employs the most advanced, broadband wireless technology available today. Their Small Business – Basic plan has up to 1.5Mbps up and down speed at $79.95 per month. They also have a Small Business – Advanced plan with up to 3Mbps up and down speed at $149.95 per month. Their Medium Sized Business plan has up to 5Mbps up and down at $199.95 per month. For a dedicated line and for more info, call them at (918)853-5994.

Oklahoma Internet Connections and Coverage

In this section you’ll find information regarding the internet speeds in Oklahoma, who the fastest providers are and what the 3G coverage looks like.

In regards to speed, Oklahoma’s average internet speed is 10.34 Mbps which is less than the nationwide average of 12.55 Mbps.

The 5 cities with fastest internet speed in Oklahoma are:

  • Elk City – 24.07 Mbps
  • Altus – 19.60 Mbps
  • Miami – 16.52 Mbps
  • Ponca City – 16.26 Mbps
  • Ardmore – 15.37 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in Oklahoma are:

  • Cable One – 19.25 Mbps
  • BTC Broadband – 18.00 Mbps
  • Cox – 14.75 Mbps
  • Cablelynx – 10.14 Mbps
  • Fidelity Communications International – 8.36 Mbps

Keep in mind that these stats are subject to change at any time. For the most current information in regards to internet speeds in Oklahoma, visit NetIndex.com.

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for Oklahoma­

Here is a brief overview of the mobile 3G coverage in Oklahoma. We’ve looked at the 3 top providers in the state and where they provide coverage. Keep in mind that this does not represent the coverage for every provider, and that coverage for any provider can change at any time. So you’ll want to visit the site of the provider you want service from and check out their coverage map to ensure you can get internet where you need to.

Clear: Clear’s 3G coverage is okay in Oklahoma as major towns and cities have signal. Only the southwestern area of the state has no signal, the portion bordering Colorado.

AT&T: AT&T’s coverage is good in this state. Some areas in the eastern area have no 3G signal due to the geography where lakes are located..

Verizon: Mobile 3G Verizon signals are strong in Oklahoma. There are only a few places of the state where Verizon coverage is weak or has no signal. This is the area towards the border of Colorado where there are lots of plains and rocky terrain.

Top 5 Colleges in Oklahoma & Their Internet Access

If you’re planning on attending college in Oklahoma, then you will find the information below useful. We’ve listed the top 5 colleges in the state, and the internet access they offer to students.

Oklahoma State University

The IT Department maintains two Wi-Fi wireless local area networks (WLANs) which are broadcast from access points or hot spots located at multiple sites across the entire Oklahoma State University campus. The service set identifiers (SSIDs) of these WLANs are OSUREGISTERED and OSUSECURE. OSUREGISTERED is the unencrypted OSU WLAN dedicated for university owned wireless device access using web authentication upon each connection.

OSUSECURE is the new encrypted OSU WLAN. Unlike OSUREGISTERED , it has no web authentication.The service uses cached credentials that will not have to be updated again until the user’s O-Key password expires or is updated.

University of Central Oklahoma

Current faculty, staff, and students must use their own credentials rather than getting a guest pass. Faculty and staff use their domain credentials (what they use to login to their office computers) while students use their UCONNECT credentials.

Guest logins can be obtained by going to the first-floor Reference Desk or the IT Help Desk (or Circulation Desk from 11pm to 2am), show a photo ID, and they can set up a guest account with a login name and password for you. Login to the UCO wireless network and you’ll have access for 24 hours. The login is good anywhere on campus. The IP address may need to be renewed in order for the computer to work in another building – see instructions below.

Cameron University

Students in Cameron University can gain access to the internet by using the network SSID “CU Wireless Network”. When you logon, you will be assigned a Faculty/Staff, Student, or Guest role. Each role provides different access to the network. Faculty/Staff and Student roles are allocated 512 kbps incoming bandwidth and 256 kbps outgoing bandwidth per user. Guests are allocated 128 kbps incoming bandwidth and 56 kbps outgoing bandwidth per user. Guests only receive the ability to view web pages.

Oklahoma City University

“GuestOCU” is the broadcasted SSID for the guest wireless network. You will be asked to login and follow instructions so that a username and password will be sent to you via email or text message. You will use the credentials authenticate to the guest wireless. OCU students, faculty, and staff, are strongly advised to configure their wireless devices to use the encrypted and more secure wireless network as opposed to this guest wireless network.

University of Oklahoma

OU IT offers two networks: OUWifi and OUGuest. OUWifi is the official wireless network for students, faculty, and staff, with full access to all Internet and OU network resources. OUGuest is intended for the rest of the OU community and does not require registration; however, OUGuest limits access to OU Web services like Desire2Learn and Exchange e-mail.

Free Internet Access Spots in Oklahoma

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available in coffee shops, public libraries, malls, hotels and inns and restaurants. Here are other places in Oklahoma that you can visit to get free Wi-Fi access:

  • Taste of Grand in Frederick
  • Honda Automobiles of Bartlesville
  • Mark’s Drug in Guthrie
  • Great Plains Technology in Lawton
  • Alibi Bar in Valliant

This is clearly far from a complete list of free wi-fi hotspots in Oklahoma. We just wanted to give you an idea of what is available and ideas of where to look for hotspots in your particular area.