North Dakota Internet Guide

If you need an internet service provider in North Dakota, you’re in luck. Below you’ll find information on what ISPs offer service in your area, what the 3G coverage looks like, the top 5 colleges and what access they provide and where you can find a few free wi-fi hotspots.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of North Dakota

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

These are the local internet service providers that provide connections only within the state of North Dakota and maybe surrounding states. The 3 below focus on residential (homes) internet access.

  • Midcontinent Communications: Midcontinent Communications offers internet service package depending on the location. For example, they have MidcoNet Limited for $20.95 with download speed of up to 1 Mbps. They also have MidcoNet Xstream Wideband 1.0 for $44.95 with download speed of up to 30 Mbps, or MidcoNet Xstream Wideband 2.0 for $64.95 with download speed of up to 50 Mbps. Their extreme package is the MidcoNet Xstream Wideband 3.0 for $104.95 with download speed of up to 100 Mbps. Check out their website to see the available packages in your area or call them at 800.888.1300.
  • BEK Communications Cooperative: BEK has packages for your needs. They have the Basic Surfer package with 6 Mbps download, Average Surfer with 12 Mbps download, Adcanced Surfer with 20 Mbps download, and Faster than Fast Surfer package with 30 Mbps download. To get a quotation on pricing and availability, you may call them at 888-475-2361.
  • Consolidated Telcom: Consolidated Telcom offers different internet residential broadband services. For starters they have a $29.95/month package with 768 Kbps download. They also have a $29.95/month with 1.5 Mbps download, $49.95/month with 4 Mbps download, $59.95 with 20 Mbps, $99.95/month with 50 Mbps, and $149.95/month with 100 Mbps download. For more details, contact them at (701)483-463.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

The 3 ISPs below are also local providers to the state of North Dakota. These 3 focus on business internet connections.

  • 702 Communications: 702 Communications provides business internet with DSL and beyond. Depending on your bandwidth requirements, their offers begin from an affordable DSL circuit to Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Internet access and data transfer are made easier and more affordable with 702 Communications. Prices are not stated on their website as you may need to contact them at 877-702-1118 to request a quote.
  • Polar Communications: Polar Communications offers business packages if you want to get their internet boradband for $59.95/month for up to 5 Mbps download and $69.95/month in certain areas for up to 10 Mbps download. For more details, call them at 888-700-7652.
  • SRT Communications: SRT Communications has Business broadband services for their customers. They are Business Broadband 5Mbps for $78/month, Business Broadband 10Mbps for $138/month, Business Broadband 20Mbps for $238/month, and Business Broadband 40Mbps for $488/month. To know which service is best for your business, contact them at 701-858-1200.

North Dakota Internet Connections and Coverage

In this section you’ll find information regarding the internet speeds and 3G coverage in North Dakota.

Starting off with the average speed, North Dakota has an average internet speed of 15.62 Mbps, which is higher than the nation average of 12.55 Mbps.

The 5 cities with fastest internet speed in North Dakota are:

  • Grand Forks – 24.09 Mbps
  • Wahpeton – 23.74 Mbps
  • West Fargo – 21.02 Mbps
  • Bismarck – 19.28 Mbps
  • Mino – 18.97 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in North Dakota are:

  • Midcontinent Communications – 23.49 Mbps
  • Cable One – 17.84 Mbps
  • Dickey Rural Networks – 16.99 Mbps
  • 702 Communications – 12.82 Mbps
  • BEK Communications Cooperative – 11.17 Mbps

Keep in mind that these speeds are subject to change at any time. For the most accurate speeds, please check out the North Dakota page at

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for North Dakota

Here is a rough overview of what the 3G internet coverage in North Dakota looks like. Please be sure to check out each individual provider’s coverage map to make sure there is coverage in your area before signing up.

Here are the 3 top mobile providers and a brief overview of their 3G coverage.

AT&T: AT&T has mobile coverage in most areas except for the northwestern tip and the southern portion of the state. The northwestern tip is part of the border between the state of Montana, but the southern area is where the Missouri river is situated.

Verizon: Same as AT&T, North Dakota’s coverage is not very good in the northwestern and southern area. All other places have good mobile coverage.

Clear: Clear’s mobile 3G internet is only available in the cities of Bismarck and Fargo.

Top 5 Colleges in North Dakota & Their Internet Access

In this section you’ll find the top 5 colleges in North Dakota and the internet access they provide to their students, and how students can get it.

University of North Dakota (UND)

To connect online, you have a number of options, depending on where you will be accessing the Internet:

ResNet: If you live in one of the campus residential complexes, your Internet access is via the campus network. Support is provided by ResNet. Visit their web site for more information

Dialup: If you live off-campus but are within a local phone call of Grand Forks, you may access the Internet using the UND modem pool. For configuration instructions and dialup numbers, go to:

Office on campus: Most offices are wired for ethernet connections. For assistance contact your department/college computer support staff or the ITSS Help Desk at 777-2222.

Wireless: Wireless access is available at a number of locations on campus, including the Memorial Union, Education, Gamble and Upson II. Instructions are available on-line.

North Dakota State University (NDSU)

To connect to the wireless internet of NDSU, you can go to NDSU Secure. This is the main wireless network on campus. This network is secured using a certificate that you install on your device. This network is fully functional and provides full access to the Internet. You can also connect to the NDSU Limited. This wireless network provides guest access to the Internet. This network uses a less secure connection and is also limited in terms of allowed Internet access. It is intended only for use by authorized guests on campus.

Minot State University (MSU)

Here are the wireless networks that people in MSU can use to connect to the internet:

Wireless@MSU is used for MSU staff, faculty and students. This wireless network is located in classrooms and public areas. Users login with their MSU campus credentials. Dorms@MSU is used for MSU students. This wireless network is located in on campus dormitory’s. Users login with their MSU campus credentials. NDUS is for all North Dakota University System staff, faculty and students. This wireless network is located across the entire campus. Users login with their campus connection credentials. Guest@MSU is a temporary access for campus visitors. This wireless network is located across the entire campus. Guests will need a pass to connect to this network. Please visit your sponsoring department to request access.

Jamestown College (JC)

There are two networks to connect wirelessly in JC: JC and JC Guest. For JC Guest, it is used by visitors of the campus. Here you can either type in your email address in the guest login OR you can use your JC username and password in the login box. Either way will connect you, however, the guest login will only give you internet access at a reduced rate of 256kb. To connect to the JC campus network, you need to have a username and password and you can get it if you’re a member of the campus.

Dickinson State University (DSU)

Dickinson State University has wireless internet available in the following locations: Stoxen Library, Student Center main floor, North Campus Apartments, Strom Center, May Hall floors 1-3, Klinefelter 1st and 2nd floor, and Murphy Auditoriums plus south foyer/hallway areas. The name of DSU wireless connection is DSUMAIN.

Free Internet Access Spots in North Dakota

Here are free uncommon wifi spots you can visit in order to gain access online in the state of North Dakota:

  • Camp on the Heart in Dickinson
  • West Acres Mall Food Court in Fargo
  • Casa Motel & Campground in Minot
  • Off Broadway Laundromat in Minot
  • Superior Silk Screen in Bismarck

Please keep in mind that this is far from a complete list of free wi-fi hotspots. These are just more or less some of the more popular ones.