Kentucky Internet Guide

If you need internet access in Alabama, then this guide will be just what you need. Below you’ll find information on who the internet service providers in Alabama are, where to find 3G mobile coverage, what the top schools provide their students and a shortlist of where to find free wi-fi hotspots.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Kentucky

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

Below you’ll find 3 ISPs that are local to Kentucky that provide internet access to residential areas.

  • Murray Electric System: Murray Electric System’s residential internet rates include a Residential Tier 1 plan with 500 Kbps download speed for @22.45/month cost. The Residential Tier 2 plan has a 1.0 Mbps download speed for $32.95/month cost. They also have a Residential Tier 3 package with 3.0 Mbps download speed for $40.95/month. The Residential Tier 4 plan has 6.0 Mbps download speed at $52.45/month. Their highest package is the Residential Tier 5 with 12.0 Mbps download speed for $67.50/month. Call them to know more details about the features of each package by dialing 270-753-5312.
  • Armstrong Cable Services: Armstrong Cable Services has their Zoom Internet service where you can get a speed of up to 50 Mbps download, depending on your location. You have to contact them as pricing and availability depend on the area of service. Call them at 877.277.5711.
  • Limestone Cablevision:Limestone Cablevision internet packages include DataNet 250 with a download speed of 256 kbps at $36.95/month. They have a DataNet 3000 with 3 Mbps download speed at $52.95/month. They also have a DataNet 6000 plan with a download speed of 6 Mbps at $64.95/month. Call them at 800-264-3572.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

Here you’ll find 3 ISPs that are also local to Kentucky, but instead provide internet access to businesses.

  • Shelby Broadband: Shelby Broadband’ business plans include Basic DSL with 1.5 Mbps download speed at $62.95/month. They have a Premium DSL plan with 3 Mbps download speed at $69.95/month. They also have a Professional DSL plan with 6 Mbps download speed at $79.95. Call them at 502-722-9292.
  • WK Telecom: WK Telecom’s business plan rates are $54.95/month for 768 Kbps download speed, $59.90/month for 1.5 Mbps download speed, and $69.90/month for 3.0 Mbps download speed. However, these prices do NOT include taxes, local service charges or other additional calling features. You can contact a WK&T Customer Service Representative for COMPLETE details of current offering and plans. Their phone number is 888-897-8521.
  • Vision Communications: Vision Communications has two plans for their Business customers. They have the Standard plan which costs $109.99 per month with 3 Mbps download speed. The other one is a Premium plan which costs $274.99 per month with 8 Mbps download speed. Contact them to know more features and benefits at (800) 256-5665.

Kentucky Internet Connections and Coverage

In this section we cover the internet speeds you’ll find in Kentucky, as well as where you can go to find mobile 3G internet coverage.

In regards to internet speeds, Kentucky’s average is 9.73 Mbps, which is considerably slower than the national average of 14.81 Mbps.

The 5 cities with fastest internet speed in Kentucky are:

  • Radcliff – 16.84 Mbps
  • Erlanger – 4.24 Mbps
  • Marion – 14.17 Mbps
  • Franklin – 14.11 Mbps
  • Crestwood – 13.48 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in Kentucky are:

  • Road Runner – 14.86 Mbps
  • Insight Communications – 14.36 Mbps
  • Comcast – 14.34 Mbps
  • New Wave Communications – 13.14 Mbps
  • Mediacom – 12.17 Mbps

Please keep in mind that these numbers can (and will) change at any time. For the most up to date information, check out the Kentucky page at

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for Kentucky

A significant part of eastern Kentucky is part of Appalachia, which is it’s difficult to find 3G signal on this side of the state. For the rest of the state, we’ve provided an overview of the type of coverage you can expect to find from 3 of the top mobile internet providers.

Clear: Clear’s mobile coverage is available in most major areas such as Louisville, Lexington, Franklin, Madisonville, etc.

AT&T: AT&T’s coverage is good except for the eastern area of Kentucky. Other places have 3G mobile coverage.

Verizon: Only the central part of Kentucky seems to have good and stable mobile coverage. Other parts are not as strong due to mountainous regions.

Please keep in mind that coverage maps change frequently. So you’ll want to double check the coverage maps right before you buy to make sure they’ll have 3G coverage in your area.

Top 5 Colleges in Kentucky& Their Internet Access

What we have here are the top 5 colleges in Kentucky, and a brief explanation of the type of internet connection that’s provided at each, as well as how to get it.

Northern Kentucky University

For wired connection in NKU, offices and campus housing have a network jack available.

For wireless connection, NKU has access points across campus allowing Internet access. NKU is broadcasting a wireless SID named NKU. Here are the available SSID networks:

  • NKU_PUBLIC (Recommended wireless network for visitors, cell phones, and Students or Employees that just need to surf the web)
  • NKU_SECURE (Recommended wireless network for Students and Faculty / Staff Personal Computers and other wireless devices)
  • NKU_Encrypted (Recommended wireless network for NKU managed computers provided to faculty and staff by NKU)
  • NKU_VILLAGE (This wireless network is exclusively for individuals in the Residential Village)

Western Kentucky University

WKU provides wireless network access in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings across campus.

WKU-GUEST – This network was developed for guests of the University.

WKU-SECURE – This network was developed to provide a more secure wireless experience for WKU Faculty, Staff, and Student devices that meet the minimum requirements to access the network.

WKU-WIRELESS – This network was developed to be utilized by WKU Faculty, Staff, and Student devices that are not capable of utilizing the higher security network WKU-SECURE.

Eastern Kentucky University

EKU students can connect to the wireless internet by using the eku_secure network. They also have a guest network but will only allow you to connect to web and email.

University of Kentucky

Two types of registration are available to wireless users. The first is guest registration, which requires only a valid email address and gives full access to the Internet but limited access to UK computing systems. The second type of registration is for UK students, faculty, and staff, who can use their link blue credentials to gain full access to both the Internet and to UK computing systems.

Murray State University

Murray State University faculty, staff, students, and guests may connect their laptops to the MSUwireless network.

For faculty, staff, and students, they will need to enter their network username and password. Guests to the University may obtain basic wireless internet access by choosing the Guest option.

Free Internet Access Spots in Kentucky

Coffee shops like Starbucks are the most common places where you can get free Wi Fi access in Kentucky. Public libraries, restaurants and hotels are also good places to connect for free. Other hotspots include:

  • Winchester Avenue in Ashland
  • Penn Station East Coast Subs in Bardstown
  • Madison Theater in Covington
  • Grayson Welcome Center in Grayson
  • Mr. Suds Laundry in Lexington
  • The whole town of Taylorsville

It’s important to remember that this is far from a complete list, but rather a shortlist to show you where you can go or what to look for if you need to find a free wi-fi hotspot in Kentucky.