Florida Internet Guide

If you’re making the move to Florida, either for business, pleasure or to go to school, this page exists to help you find internet service as quick and as painless as possible.

The information below will help you find the major internet service providers in Florida and local residential and business ISPs. Then we cover what the 3G coverage looks like in Florida and what internet options are available for students at the top 5 colleges in the state.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Florida

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

The following 3 listings are smaller ISPs that provide residential internet service in Florida.

  • Internet Junction: The Internet Junction Packages start from 19.95/month for up to 1Mbps download speed and 384Kbps upload. They also have another package priced at $34.95 for up to 3Mbps download and 768Kbps upload. Call them at (813) 855-7793 for more details.
  • EWOL: EWOL offers Dial-Up Connection for as low as $19.95/month. Their DSL Packages are subject to availability depending on the customer’s service area. Contact them at (941) 474-7479.
  • IntNet: IntNet’s Dial-Up No Frills Internet access starts at $9.95/month. DSL package starts at $29.95/month. They can be contacted at 727-442-0114.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

These 3 listings provide internet service to businesses.

  • Florida Broadband: Florida Broadband offers a Premium package for a monthly cost of $65 inclusive of taxes. Download speeds reach a maximum of 4Mbps but also has CUSTOM PLANS to accommodate specific business requirements. They can be contacted at (772) 564-6800.
  • TampaBayDSL: TampaBayDSL Business packages start at $55 for 768 Kbps Download Speed and can reach as high as $200 for 7.1Mbps Their phone number is 813-243-8850.
  • RapidSystems: Rapid Systems Basic Internet Package starts at $59/month for 768 Kbps Download and their maximum speed of 7.1Mbps called DSZilla is priced at $169/month. They have a one year agreement contract. Contact number is (813) 232-4887.

Florida Internet Connections and Coverage

Florida’s internet speed is above par compared to the country’s average. Florida’s average download speed is 15.35 Mbps whereas the national average is 12.55 Mbps.

Please keep in mind that these averages change regularly. To see the most current speeds for Florida internet, as well as the fastest cities and ISPs, please visit the Florida Net Index page.

The 5 Cities with Fastest Internet Speed in Florida are:

  • Apollo Beach – 23.36 Mbps
  • Ruskin – 22.27 Mbps
  • Odessa – 21.04 Mbps
  • Lithia – 20.80 Mbps
  • Lutz – 20.69 Mbps

The 5 Fastest Internet Service Providers in Florida are:

  • TW Telecom Holdings- 23.82 Mbps
  • Sago Networks – 23.5 Mbps
  • Hotwire Communications – 23.38 Mbps
  • BroadbandONE – 23.29 Mbps
  • Comcast – 19.52 Mbps

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for Florida

3G internet coverage is stable for most places as the top 3 mobile providers have service in most cities in Florida.

Clear: Clear 3G service is offered in the big cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dayton Beach, and Jacksonville.

AT&T: AT&T’s mobile internet has good coverage in most parts except for the bay area and lakes such as Lake George. There’s no signal too, in the Northwest wooded areas.

Verizon: Same as AT&T, Verizon’s mobile internet coverage extends to most parts of Florida except for the South (Monroe County) as this is part of the Bay Area, and some natural conservation areas (Big Cypress National Preserve).

Top 5 Colleges in Florida & Their Internet Access

Internet is essential for college students so that they can complete and turn in their homework, entertain themselves and keep up with families, especially if they’re going to school miles away from home. The following are the top 5 schools in Florida State, and what they offer (or don’t offer) students in the way of internet access.

University of Florida (UF)

Students can access the campus wireless network from the Reitz Union Colonnade, the South Terrace, Game Room, the Blue Room Lounge (between Taco Bell and the Game Room), the 1st Floor Information Desk, and the 2nd Floor Colonnade Meeting Rooms. In order to go online, students need to have a valid Gatorlink account Username and Password. This can be obtained from the UF Computing Help Desk by calling (352) 392-4357.

Florida State University (FSU)

Students can access Wired Internet in the Residence hall Network — providing students with direct, fast access to the campus network and the worldwide Internet. To configure Wired internet using Ethernet ports, here are the instructions: ResNet Set-up and Configuration

To access Wireless internet, a student only needs to connect to these networks using their wireless device: FSUSecure or FSUWIN

University of South Florida (USF)

You can get connected to the internet in using the USF network. All you need to do is register your laptop or computer with your valid USF NetID and your computer’s MAC address. Once done, you will be able to surf the USF network for free! This is a per-semester basis so you only need to register your computer once per semester.

University of Miami (UM)

UM offers internet to all Residential Colleges in the dorm rooms. This is made possible with the CaneNet service. For wireless connection, students can access internet on-campus via WirelessCanes. A student only needs to sign up to get access to the internet. Take note that this service is only available to UM students in the Coral Gables campus. You can call the university’s Help Desk at (305) 284-6565, option 1.

University of Central Florida (UCF)

Students of UCF can access wireless internet using two secure connections UCF_WPA2 (recommended) and UCF_WPA. Authentication requires your UCF NID and NID password.

For guests, available wireless connection can be accessed using UCF_Guest. For authentication, you only need to open a web browser and accept UCF’s Acceptable Use policy each time they connect.

Free Internet Access Spots in Florida

Free internet access in Florida can be found is most major malls, restaurants, and libraries.

There are also multiple parks wherein internet is free:

  • Cutler Ridge Park in Cutler Bay
  • Topeekeegee Yugnee Park – campground area in Hollywood
  • Barron Park – North Bridge Sreet at Park Avenue in LaBelle
  • Alifia River State Park in Lithia
  • Myakka State Park in Myakka City