Arizona Internet Service Guide

On this page you’ll find information that will help you find internet service in Arizona state.

More specifically, we list the major and local internet service providers, give a brief overview of what the mobile 3G coverage looks like and then list the top 5 colleges and the internet service they provide, if any, to their students.

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in Your Area of Arizona

Local Residential Internet Service Providers

Here are some details about the smaller internet service providers that aren’t nation-wide and/or are local to Arizona state.

  • DakotaCom: DakotaCom offers Qwest DSL service, which allows them to reach almost any location in Southern Arizona. The most common download speed via 1.5Mbps, often delivered for under $50/month. If you want to get a price quotation in your area, do call them at 520-745-3900.
  • Cricket Communications: Cricket has a Basic Internet Plan for $45/ month for a speed of up to 1.4 Mbps, a More Plan for $55/month and a Premium Plan for $65. Call them at (602) 458-4493 for more details.

Local Business Internet Service Providers

Provided below are details for the local/smaller internet service providers in Arizona that provide internet access to small businesses.

  • Orbitel Communications: Orbitel’s Business Now Internet Service offers download speeds of 12Mbps with upload speeds of 4Mbps.Price is $57.90. You can also bundle your Business Now Internet with Business Now Telephone for as low as $94.95 per month. Call them at 520-568-8890.
  • Airband: Airband offers Internet access services from 2 Mbps up to GigE speeds that can be installed at a fraction of the time generally quoted by the traditional providers. You need to contact them so you can get a quote. Call them at 866-522-5470.
  • Windstream: Windstream offers a Business Class Internet Package starting at $39.99/month for 1.5Mbps download speed. The maximum package that they have is at $99.99/month for 24Mbps download speed. Pricing and availability may vary by location. You can check availability by calling them at 866.445.5882.

ArizonaInternet Connections and Coverage

In this section you’ll find information regarding the internet speeds in Arizona.

Keep in mind that these numbers fluctuate regularly, so if you want the most current information, then I suggest you check out the Arizona page at

The average speed for the entire state of Arizona is 13.70 Mbps. This is higher than the national average of 12.55 Mbps.

On a city level, the 5 cities with the fastest internet speed in Arizona are:

  • Globe – 23.41 Mbps
  • Prescott – 19.92 Mbps
  • Green Valley – 19.85 Mbps
  • Prescott Valley – 19.46 Mbps
  • Tolleson – 19.18 Mbps

The 5 fastest internet service providers in Arizona are:

  • Cable One – 20.19 Mbps
  • Comcast – 16.72 Mbps
  • Cox – 16.62 Mbps
  • AT&T – 14.78 Mbps
  • TW Telecom Holdings – 14.20 Mbps

Mobile 3G Internet Coverage for Arizona

Here is some ISP specific information on what the mobile coverage looks like in Arizona. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change at any time, and is not a complete list of mobile providers in the state.

Clear: Clear has little 3G mobile network coverage in Arizona; they are only found in some cities such as Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Mesa and Fortunal Foothills.

AT&T: AT&T’s mobile coverage is pretty good. There are only some parts such as the northwestern, eastern and southwestern areas that have no mobile coverage. These are places where the Grand Canyon is located as well as some deserts.

Verizon: Verizon has mobile coverage in most areas except for the northwestern part, northeast and eastern areas. These areas are covered with rocky terrains.

Top 5 Colleges in Arizona& Their Internet Access

What we have done below is list the top 5 colleges in Arizona state, the internet coverage they offer students and information on how to access it.

University of Arizona (UA)

UA has two wireless networks. The unsecured public network is open access by choosing the “UAPublic” network. For a secure wireless connection students can choose “UAWiFi” which encrypts their UA username and password.

Arizona State University (ASU)

There are two wireless SSID’s being broadcast on the ASU campus. Which one you should use depends on if you have an ASURITE logon ID. For all Students, Faculty and Staff that have an ASURITE login, use SSID “asu”. For anyone who does not have an ASURITE login, use SSID “asu guest”.

Northern Arizona University (NAU)

NAU has two wireless networks available. The first, called NAU-Public, is available to all NAU guests and provides basic access to internet resources only. Upon connecting to NAU-Public, users will be prompted to read and agreed to our acceptable use policy. The second network available in most Mountain Campus Academic and Administrative buildings is named NAU-Secure.  The NAU-Secure network is available to faculty, staff or students with an NAU ID and Password.

DeVry University

In order to gain access to the wired and wireless network (DeVry-Wireless), you need to login using the student ACAD id or Staff Admin Network Login Credentials.

Grand Canyon University (GCU)

There is an Ethernet port located within every suite in the dormitories as well as the North Rim Apartment units.  There is also wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) available throughout all housing areas.

Free Internet Access Spots in Arizona

In Arizona, food and grocery stores, book shops, librarires, hotel/motel/resorts/ and coffee shops/cafes are the most popular places where you can get free WiFi.

Here are other places in this state:

  • Pacana Park in Maricopa
  • Arizona Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix
  • Sandretto business Park in Prescott
  • The Canyon Motel & RV Park in Williams

Please keep in mind that this is far from a complete list of free internet hotspots in Arizona. These are just the more popular or well-known areas.