Comcast Internet Service Overview

Comcast is one of the largest media providers in the US. They provide multiple services including TV, phone and internet, with their internet service boasting of over 17 million high speed customers (as of 3-30-2011).

I’d only expect that number to grow over time, as Comcast continues to expand it’s reach. They have done multiple acquisitions and mergers, with the most recent being in 2011 with NBC. Taking over or joining other companies has given Comcast the opportunity to provide customers with new ways to consume media, either through traditional platforms such as your TV or computer, but also platforms on the rise such as your tablet and smart phone.

Comcast’s Services

Comcast provides multiple services including internet, TV and phone. The exact services available to you will depend on where you live and what you need the services for – your home or business.

Note: For this page we’ll be focusing on Comcast’s internet services.

Home Internet Plans

Comcast’s internet speeds range from 1.5 to 105 Mbps. Their internet connection is cable only. When you buy the service you’re able to install it yourself to save money (and it’s not hard to do), or you can have an installer come out which can cost as much as $500.

The internet service can be combined in Comcast’s Double or Triple Play packages, where you can TV and/or phone service for a cheaper price overall. The residential internet also has a 300 GB per month cap, but no monthly contracts (unless specified otherwise in the deal or terms).

Business Internet Plans

Comcast provides the same services for businesses as they do residential, except at a larger scale. Businesses have no bandwidth caps, and their services start at $89.90 per month, or $94.85 for a bundle (all 3 services) with a 2-year contract. Installation starts at $49, but can be as high as $199. It all depends on how long your contract is.

Both the residential and business internet service comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Comcast’s Service Area

Comcast is available in 49 states. Some states have less coverage than others. You’ll want to plugin your address into one of the forms on our site to make sure Comcast provides internet service to your area before ordering.

As I mentioned above, Comcast has taken over or joined multiple companies which has increased (or enhanced) the services they offer. As a Comcast customer, you’ll also be able to watch TV or browse the internet using various Comcast/Xfinity Apps available for your Android or Apple smart phone or tablet.

Comcast Customer Service

Customer service is where Comcast lacks the most. They receive numerous complaints about how bad their support is, and even received the 2010 Worst Company in America reward from Consumerist.

That said, Comcast has mentioned that they are working on improving their customer service. There have been polls created/taken on the subject too. The conclusion of the poll:

  • 40% thought the service was fair.
  • 30% thought the service was good.
  • 30% thought the service was poor.

Note: I use Comcast myself, and have not had any issues with their service or support staff. I live in an apartment though, which might play a role. But nonetheless, I’ve had nothing but a good experience with them.

Comcast is available 24/7. You can also chat with them while browsing their site. They’ll usually contact you via live chat within minutes of landing on their site to see if you need any help.

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