We’ve been busy here at www.PlugThingsIn.com, adding information to the site, blogging, and actively participating in social media. So, with so much going on we thought it’d be a good idea to start posting some weekly updates on what we’re doing so you don’t miss a thing.

So here we go…

New State Articles Added

We’ve been adding new state articles for finding internet service and providers at the rate of 2-4 states per week. So far we’ve accumulated nearly 25 states, so we’re at the halfway point. We expect to have these done within the next couple of months.

Visit our main state page to see if your state is available, and to find an internet service provider in your area.

Blog Posts

Here are the posts that we’ve written this week:

Why It’s Important to Understand Your Home Utilities and Services – In this post I tell you why not knowing what you’re buying, or why you’re buying it, is bad and how it can cost you more money than is necessary.

3 Programs for Creating & Remembering Creative Passwords – Here I briefly cover 3 programs that you can use for creating and maintaining unique passwords for each of your accounts to prevent being hacked.

YouTube Channel

We’ve created a YouTube channel to compliment the content that we put on this site. Here are the videos that we’ve created thus far:

  • How to Delete Your Facebook Account in 2012
  • How to Delete Your Friends on Facebook in 2012
  • How to Create a Facebook Fan Page – 2012 Tutorial
  • How to Fix Diablo 3 or WOW Lag with Game Proxies
  • An Introduction to Facebook
  • How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings in 2012

To watch our videos, and keep up to date on all the videos we put out in the future, become a subscriber of our YouTube channel.

Social Media

Last, we’ve created and been participating on our social media channels. Become a friend or follower and stay up to date on everything we do here at PlugThingsIn.com.

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