Comcast has announced a new service for Xfinity Voice users that may help you save money on what you spend each month for cellular phone plans. The new service is called Voice2go.

Voice2go is a free app that essentially turns your cell phone or tablet into your home phone. In other words, what this app allows you to do is use your cell phone and mobile device to make phone calls (on your home phone plan/account) as if it were your home phone. Phone calls can be made free from Wi-Fi hotspots without costing you minutes. Calls can be made free from 3G/4G networks as well, but keep in mind that making calls in 3/4G networks will cost you in terms of data.

Additionally, you’ll be able to assign up to 4 personal from numbers, aside from the account’s primary home number, which can be used to send text messages and make phone calls. Call forwarding can also be setup so that all phone calls made to your home phone are forwarded to you or one (or all) of your additional personal numbers.

If you are an Xfinity Voice customer, this might be something you look into, as you might be able to reduce or eliminate cell phone plans (namely for your kids). If they have an iPod Touch or tablet, you’ll be able to contact them through one of those devices.

If you want to take a look at the Xfinity Connect Mobile app, you can find it in iTunes, the Android Market or Xfinity Connect online.

Here’s a video that will explain the details, too.