If you enjoy watching TV and movies online, I came across something today that I thought you might enjoy.

For a limited time you can signup to get Hulu Plus free for 2 months. Their normal free trial is only 1 week, so this is a solid deal. You’ll save $16 over the course of the two months, and then after that you’ll go to $7.99 per month.

If you’ve never used Hulu Plus, or have only used the free version of Hulu, here’s how it’s different:

  • You can watch all current seasons/episodes whereas with the free version you can only watch up to 5. With both versions you can watch older/classic shows.
  • No commercial interruptions (may not apply to all movies).
  • Can watch Hulu on multiple devices including your computer, smart phone, tablet and game consoles. With the free version you can only watch Hulu on your computer.
  • Watch in HD. Standard definition for free Hulu accounts.
  • Limited advertising

According to Life Hacker, the offer is intended for Xbox Gold users, but it doesn’t look as if you need an Xbox or Gold account to sign up.

Overall, looks like a good deal. Check it out, and you’ll be given 2 months to see if you like the service long term. You might save yourself quite a bit in movie dates and rentals.

Note: I should be clear that I’ve never used Hulu Plus. I have used the free version of Hulu and thought it was ok. But I mention this to make it clear that this isn’t an advertisement in any way. I just thought that our readers might find this valuable.

Source: Life Hacker