About Plug Things In

PlugThingsIn.com’s goal is to become the best guide for teaching others how to “plug things in.” These “things” are services that you use everyday, like the internet, cell phones and home security, just to name a few. We want to help you understand what you’re buying, what you need and why.

You should know that our site makes money from the advertisements placed on this site. Sometimes it may just be paid advertising, and in other cases we’re paid when you sign up for a service that we recommended or discussed on Plug Things In. We then use the money to improve the site, whether it’s adding more useful guides, expanding the site into new categories or updating current pages.

We hope that you find Plug Things In useful, and more importantly, that we’ve helped you find the right service for you (and your family).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on what we can do to make Plug Things In better, please feel free to contact us.

Who is Behind Plug Things In?

Jakob - One of the owners of PlugThingsIn.com.Jakob Pedersen – Jakob is the managing director of PlugThingsIn.com. He oversees the work being done and comes up with different ideas to make Plug Things In a helpful resource for people looking to move and/or plug into new services and utilities.

You can contact Jakob at: jp@plugthingsin.com




Matt Geer – Matt is the primary writer and contributor to Plug Things In.

You can contact Matt at: mg@plugthingsin.com.